Public education should help prepare Americans for the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. Today, we have a responsibility to empower families with quality education options that nurture our communities and strengthen our Nation. 

             We also have a responsibility to educate our next generation about the ideals and values that make our country great. Sadly, liberal academics and demagogues are embracing identity politics, division, and submission and are dividing our country by teaching an alternative version of our country’s story. Instead, our Nation’s schools should affirm and celebrate America.

             To accomplish these goals, we must fight for the advancement of educational opportunity for all American families. This means putting parents and students — not bureaucracies, unions, or politicians — in charge of the education of our Nation’s next generation.

The America First Agenda:

  • Give Parents More Control by Allowing Them to Select the School Their Child Attends
  • Give Every Parent the Right to See All Curriculum Materials in Every Class Their Child Attends
  • Encourage Schools to Teach Basic Skills that Prepare Students for Life as an Adult 
  • Advocate for Teaching the Truth about America’s History