The rule of law is indispensable to our Nation. However, it is impossible for our Nation’s citizens to be safe and secure if crime plagues our streets and lawlessness dominates our communities. At a time when some state and local governments fail to meet their basic duty of providing public safety, we must be dedicated to funding the police and supporting law and order.

To return law and order to our Nation’s cities, we must reestablish respect for the rule of law and promote respect for law enforcement. Law enforcement is an essential element of our public safety infrastructure, but it is facing a generational crisis in recruiting and retention. This crisis has been spurred on by the dangerous and ill-conceived “Defund the Police” movement, which has been promoted and amplified by progressive activists and a complicit mainstream media.

At the same time, we must address other issues, including fatherlessness and Chinese Communist malign influence throughout our country. We must also do more to combat organized crime and address homelessness and mental health issues that are plaguing our streets.

Additionally, we should create a pathway to a second chance to help reintegrate Americans who have been convicted of crimes and have served their time back into civil society. Solving all of these issues will help contribute to safe and secure communities. By focusing on these goals, we can enable police officers to serve their communities to the best of their abilities, protect the American people from dangerous threats, and help build strong families and neighborhoods in which the American people can thrive.


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