As our world becomes more complex, so do the threats we face. Terrorism remains a global reality, and America’s ability to prevent attacks in the U.S. is only as strong as its weakest link at any given moment. Today, our ability to protect our homeland depends on having strong border security, an orderly immigration system, and robust counterterrorism measures.

The halted construction of the border wall system on the southern border has weakened our border security and endangered Americans. Instead of focusing on what it needs to do to keep the American people safe, the federal government has reversed several vital improvements in border security and immigration enforcement.

It has restored catch and release, politicized integral counterterrorism efforts, and shut down international cooperation that had reduced illegal immigration to the U.S. All of these actions have hampered our ability to protect American citizens.

The failure to secure the border has also created an opioid epidemic that has made every state a border state. Chinese-manufactured fentanyl is being moved across the border by Mexican cartels and is now the leading cause of death for young Americans.

An America First approach requires us to vigorously enforce the law and deliver the tools necessary to solve the most serious problems. This approach includes finishing the wall and stopping human trafficking. We must also defeat the drug cartels and modernize and restore integrity to our Nation’s immigration system. Finally, we must strengthen our counterterrorism capacity and defend our country’s critical infrastructure.

Implementing this approach and focusing on these efforts will enable the U.S. to secure our border and protect the American people as we move forward in the 21st century.


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