American ingenuity and entrepreneurialism have been transformational in creating and powering the modern energy landscape. By providing abundant and affordable energy to American homes and communities, more Americans are now able to pursue their dreams and grow their businesses.

Our American energy sector achieved something else as well: in attaining new heights of innovation and development, the U.S. now provides the world with opportunity and security through its energy and energy technology exports.

A policy environment that fosters American industry and innovation is the critical foundation to powering a cleaner, more prosperous future for the U.S. and the world.

Unfortunately, Americans producers and innovators face mounting policy barriers that make it harder for them to provide the resources needed. We must act to safeguard a legacy of prosperity and security for future generations, not a legacy of stagnation, uncertainty, and crippling energy inflation.

An America First approach that elevates energy independence to the center of American policy is essential to achieving these goals. An America First energy agenda is grounded in sound principles of free-market economics and transparent governance. This approach focuses on creating a transparent and fair regulatory environment that creates a level playing field for all energy sources to compete, eliminating harmful regulations and barriers to growth across industries, allowing for investment in crucial infrastructure and jobs, reducing dependence on unstable foreign energy sources, and protecting the environment.

America First policies will reduce our reliance on foreign fuel and strengthen our position on the world stage, lower consumer energy and fuel costs, advance environmental protection, and promote and power a growing and prosperous economy for all Americans.


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