The Declaration of Independence states that the core of American government is to secure the God-given rights of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Today, a multitude of ideas and influences run counter to foundational American values and threaten our inalienable rights and our democratic republic system of government.

Big Tech has infringed on Americans’ rights of free speech and made concerted efforts to silence or diminish views that do not align with its agenda. By canceling thousands of Americans on social media platforms, these organizations have asserted their power in an attempt to control what citizens say and think.

At the same time, progressives are also attacking the right to life itself. Progressive activists and politicians have continued to advocate for unrestricted abortions, even as a large majority of Americans remain opposed to most or all abortions during the last trimester.

To protect our God-given rights and American values, we must celebrate and defend America’s founding ideals, defend religious liberty and other constitutional rights, and honor the sanctity of every innocent human life. We also must stop Big Tech from encroaching on our free speech and defend female athletes and preserve fairness in women’s sports. 

Through these actions and others, we will protect the American values that have made our Nation great, honor every innocent human life, and provide hope for more families and communities.


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