b'Deliver Peace through Strength and AmericanFreedoms cause in every part of the world depends upon a strong America. When our country is secure, we can Leadership advance American security abroad with greater confidence. And when we are providing strong leadership for allies, we make the world a safer place.An America First approach to national security ensures that power is used in the interest of the American people. Instead of falling in line with Washingtons increasingly obsolete foreign and defense policy orthodoxy, our foreign policy should reflect an authentically American approach to new problems, new threats, and established alliances. The United States has a unique role in the world, and our Nation has an unmatched ability to do its best for others when its people are strong, safe, and prosperous.THE AMERICA FIRST AGENDAEstablish an America First Foreign PolicyMaintain the Worlds Most PowerfulMilitary ForcePursue a Bold New Path to Peace and Prosperity in the Middle EastHold China Fully Accountable for Chronic Unfair Trade Practices, Stealing American Technologies, and Polluting our PlanetsAir and Oceans14|THE AMERICA FIRST AGENDA'