b'Put Patients andOur countrys healthcare system exposes serial and Doctors Backchronic policy failures like almost no other area of governance. This is largely because its incentives arein Charge ofall wrong. Rather than improving healthcare andHealthcarehealth outcomes for Americans, the healthcare system mainly benefits well-connected firms, special interests, and big government.The American healthcare system should return to its primary mission of improving the health and health outcomes of Americans. Our Nation has the potential to provide quality care for all Americans. To do so, we must put healthcare back into the hands of the American people and prevent politicians and bureaucrats from deciding how, when, and where care occurs.THE AMERICA FIRST AGENDAProtect the Most Vulnerable, Including Seniors and People with Preexisting ConditionsEnhance Access to Trusted Doctors and Appropriate CareIncrease Affordable Health Plans and Alternative Forms of CoveragePromote Individual Control of HealthcareLower Prescription Drug PricesPromote Transparent, Upfront PricingTHE AMERICA FIRST AGENDA|7'