b'Make the Greatest Economy in the World Work for In establishing a new Nation, our Founding Fatherssought to unleash the power of entrepreneurshipAll Americans and free enterprise.The America First Agenda advances policies that will The economic success of the Nation is fueled by the driverebuild our Great American Economy and restore hope of free men and women aspiring to achieve their dreams,and prosperity for all Americans. By focusing on economic provide for their families, and further prosperity for theirpolicies that always put Americans first, we can restorecommunities. Our Nation declared its independencethe greatest economy in the world and lift up familiesto fight back against an overbearing government thatand communities across the country.subordinated the freedom and prosperity of individual citizens to the interests of entrenched elites. THE AMERICA FIRST AGENDAEnd Historic Out-of-Control InflationFight for the American Worker and Their WagesNegotiate Trade Deals that Protect AmericanWorkers and Consumers, and Protect ourNational SecurityMake the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act PermanentBuild Supply Chains that Rely Only on American Workers and our AlliesBuild the Worlds Greatest Infrastructure SystemEnhance Opportunity Zones to StrengthenAmericas Forgotten Communities4|THE AMERICA FIRST AGENDA'