b'Provide Safe and Secure Communities so All Americans Can Live TheirLives in PeaceThe rule of law is indispensable to our Nation. However, it is impossible for our Nations citizens to be safeTHE AMERICA FIRST AGENDAand secure if crime plagues our streets and lawlessness dominates our communities. At a time whenRestore the Rule of Lawsome state and local governmentsPromote Respect for Law Enforcementfail to meet their basic duty ofStop Chinese Communist Malign Influence providing public safety, the Americaand Theft of American Intellectual PropertyFirst Agenda is dedicated to ensuring that every American enjoys a safeAddress Homelessness and Mental Health and secure community. Issues that are Plaguing our StreetsThrough the America First Agenda, Unravel Organized Crime, Human Trafficking Rings, and Drug Trade within our Citieswe can achieve important goals that help our Nation once again see theStrengthen Fatherhood and the Nuclear Familyreturn of peace to our communities. Create a Pathway to a Second Chance20|THE AMERICA FIRST AGENDA THE AMERICA FIRST AGENDA|21'