b'The America First AgendaAmerica deserves a better and brighter future. American citizens need policies that put them first instead of policies that stand in their way. The good news is that the America First Policy Institute is pushing back and building a path for a brighter American tomorrow. We exist to restore Americas promise because we have full confidence in the potential of the American people to create a future for themselves and their country with peace, prosperity, and opportunity never before seen in our Nations history. We exist because we believe that our Nations best days are ahead, that the battle to save it is the noblest fight there is, and that we will win.After two and a half centuries, the greatness and genius of the American people are that they still retain their power to astonish, amaze, and inspire. All that our Nations incredible citizens require are policies worthy of them.AFPI NOW PRESENTS THE AMERICA FIRST AGENDAOn these pages, you will find what policies will make the greatest economy in the world work for all Americans; put patients and doctors back in charge of healthcare; restore Americas historic commitment to freedom, equality, and self-governance; give parents more control over their childrens education; finish the wall, end human trafficking, and defeat the drug cartels; deliver peace through strength and American leadership; make America energy independent; make it easy to vote and hard to cheat; provide safe and secure communities so all Americans can live their lives in peace; fight government corruption by draining the swamp; and most importantly, put the American people first!'