b'In five years, our country moved from a position of chronic Make Americaenergy dependency to true energy independence. Energy Independent Unfortunately, this newfound independence was short-lived due to failed policies, which caused America to swing back to energy dependency drastically. Before this time, the American energy sector had achieved a generational strategic goal: making the oil-producing tyrannies and American ingenuity andautocracies, from Russia to Saudi Arabia, Venezuela toentrepreneurialism have transformedIran, and beyond, effectively irrelevant. American energy and will provide the foundation to power a cleaner, moreThe America First Agenda is focused on providing prosperous future.abundant and affordable energy once again to American homes and communities and opening up new vistas of American dreams and opportunities.THE AMERICA FIRST AGENDABecome Energy Independent to End Americas Reliance on Foreign Sources of Oil and GasLower the Price of Gas and Energy by Increasing Production of AmericasEnergy SuppliesCreate a Predictable, Transparent,and Efficient Permitting Process and Regulatory EnvironmentProvide Clean Air, Clean Water, and a Clean Environment for All AmericansTHE AMERICA FIRST AGENDA|17'