The foundation of the American system of self-governance is liberty, and the core expression of the people’s liberty is the ability to cast their ballots in free and fair elections. Our Nation needs policies that protect just, legal, transparent, and fair elections while recognizing that states — not the federal government — are best situated to determine voter eligibility, registration, Election Day processes, and voter roll management.

             Every eligible voter should have the opportunity to cast one ballot at one time that is counted once. Anything that fails this simple test is a failure of the system, and the people responsible for that system should be held accountable. One fraudulent vote, or one administrative mistake, is one too many when it comes to protecting each sacred vote. The best election integrity policies make it easy to vote and hard to cheat.

The America First Agenda:

  • Require Voters to have Photo Identification
  • Clean Up Voter Rolls before Every Election
  • Require All Ballots to be Returned by Election Day
  • Eliminate Ballot Harvesting
  • Ban the Practice of Billionaires Giving Money to Election Officials to Influence Elections